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Florida Packing Tips

We’ve already provided useful self storage tips to help you make it through your move. But what about all the little steps that go into packing? We’ve combined some of our best advice to preserve your belongings and make your experience more convenient. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with specific packing questions. We’re happy to help!


  • Climate-controlled units are recommend if you are storing books, paintings, electronics, fabric or leather furniture, and bedding.

  • Use free standing shelves to utilize the height of your unit if you’re storing boxes. Do not put screws or nails in walls or hang anything from walls. If stacking boxes, stagger them instead of placing them on top of each other to avoid crushing the bottom box.

  • Do not store food or items that may attract insects or pests. Do not store soaps or other aromatics. Pay particular attention to items from the kitchen.

  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Wrap with cloth and elevate off the floor.

  • Cover upholstered and wood furniture with cloth instead of plastic.

  • When storing business files, leave a walkway down the center of your unit to make accessing items easier.

  • Boxes that are tightly sealed with packing tape will prevent dust from entering.

  • Make sure fragile boxes are placed on top of heavier, less delicate boxes. Be sure not to over pack boxes as they can get heavy and dangerous.

  • Label boxes on all sides for easy identification.

  • Break down large items such as bed frames, tables, and large furniture, and don’t forget to keep all parts (screws and smaller pieces) together by taping them to the item.

  • Do not store flammable, hazardous, pressurized, or toxic materials, nor liquids and aerosols that may spill or burst. No LP tanks, gas tanks, or welding supplies.

  • Leave bath to rear of unit. Place frequently used items near door.

  • Appliances must be thoroughly clean and dry and refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar. Remove vacuum cleaner bags and cover openings.

  • Use furniture covers or moving pads to keep items off the floor of the unit.

  • Don’t forget to use valuable space inside drawers and larger appliances, such as stoves and refrigerators, to store small items: towels, linens, toys, etc.

  • When utilizing vehicle storage, disconnect battery, fill gas tank full, add gas stabilizer, back vehicle into unit, leave windows partially open, and set container of DampRid on floor.

  • Always insure your stored items.


Need to stock up on packing supplies? We offer all the resources you need for move-in day in our offices. Check out the complete list here!